Germany - EX54FG01260


To be done soon...

Norway - EX54FG01264

Geir Andersen, from Norway sent me info about this car as well as some other OSIs in Norway.

This one was registered in Norway in 1995. It has the 2 litre engine.

Germany - EX54FG01265

Another OSI on German eBay. 2,0 litre engine.

The body is done. The car is complete.

Germany - EX54FG01269

Originally white with red leather interior, this 2,0 litre OSI was from Oliver Franz who is now into OSI Fiats.

He offered his car on Ebay some years ago and that was the way I got in touch with him. I battled for some Ebay OSI pictures with Oliver until we arrange for an agreement. I finally met him and his beautiful OSI Fiat in the 2006 Nuremberg OSI-IG meeting. He's a great OSI fan and you can see his site here.

Germany - EX54FA01292

This was for sale in Auto Scout 24
Asking price was 10.300 EUR.

Germany - EX54FG01296

Thomas (again) sent me this one, found in German eBay.

After 33 bids from 17 different bidders it fetched 6.605,00 EUR. There was not much information in the ebay description...


Scott Day - United Kingdom - EX54FG01304

This car was for sale in the UK. The asking price was 2950 £.

If you're the one who bought it, please let me know.

Chris - Germany - EX54FR01305

This one is for sale on German eBay.

Chris bought the car 25 years ago, but now it must go. Check



Andre Karsten - Germany - EX54GD01318

Andre just sent me this picture. I will ask for more info.

To be done...

Germany - EX54FG01322

Thomas sent this one for sale in mobile.de
Asking price was 18.000€. Wire wheels but the original wheels also available. Originally a 2.0 but now a 2.3.

Vietnam - EX54FG013xx

The owner of this one is obsessed for classic cars and he lives in Vietnam.

He was unaware of the OSI marque until he heard about a Ford Coupe some two years ago. Until watching a picture of the OSI he thought it should be a Mustang or a Capri as they are more or less common in Vietnam .

Apparently it has not been used since 1991, and was registered in the Can Tho province in the South. It was previously owned by a glass factory owner for quite a long time.

Judging by the paperwork which starts in 1976 it was one of many cars abandoned in 1975 and subsequently confiscated by the government and resold. Most driving licenses were revoked by the government post 1975 - so cars had little value other than scrap metal. Quite a few did survive, but unfortunately a lot were butchered to make them more economical, seat more people, lots turned to either Toyota power or Russian diesel. This one luckily escaped that abuse and is largely original.

Another great story - to be continued later...

Julien - France - EX54FG01368

Julien has this silver OSI with red leather seats. His father bought it in 1983.

The car has 85.000 Km and was first registered in June 15, 1967.

Welcome to the Registry, Julien.

Germany - EX54FG01390

This is a very tuned version that I found on internet.

I am trying to get more info of it, so... To be done...

Thomas Pinkert - Germany - EX54GD01402


Thomas bought this car in 1981 and he is currently restoring it.

Originally was white and it has the 2,0 litre engine. This picture is from 1981.

Dave - Germany - EX54GF01412

Dave just started the restoration of his newly acquired OSI. Originally white with red leather interior, 2,0 litre engine, and first registered in Germany on June 26, 1967.

To be done

Germany - EX54GD01414

It was for sale in Ebay Germany in 2012
This was sent by Thomas.

Germany - EX54GD01428

Another one for sale in Germany on mobile.de

The asking price is 22.500 EUR. Check http://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/ford-andere-osi-dillingen/184148138.html

The engine is a tuned 2.3 litre and has BBS wheels.

Stephen Reitinger - Germany - EX54GD01431

To be done soon...

Gerd Bauer - Germany - EX54GD01441

Oliver sent me some information about this car. It was at some time dark green and had had air vents in the fenders like the prototype.
It was probably fully restored and looks really great.

Germany - EX54GD01453

This one was offered in Ebay in October 2006.