Germany - EX54GD01466

This one was offered by the same seller at least 5 times in Ebay from October 2005 until February 2007.

Thomas Pinkert, who has this incredible Ebay/OSI log and tracks all the transactions sent me this info. Thank you Thomas.

Thomas Pinkert - Germany - EX54GD01467

Thomas third OSI was bought on Ebay and he does not know the original engine size. It is no longer a car...

The original colour was red and the car was dismantled for parts. This is a picture from 2006.

Egbert - Germany - EX54GD01491

I've been next to this car in the 2006 Nuremberg meeting. It is a fine example with the 2 litre engine and beige interior.

To be done soon...

Jan-Martin Lühmann - Germany - EX54GE01520

This car was for sale on mobile.de

It is a 2 litre engine and it's asking price was 12.490 EUR negotiable. Red leather seats. The car is in everyday use condition.

If you bought it, please let me know.

David Mayerhofer - Germany - EX54GD01546

David just bought this beauty after some time seeking for one in a decent condition.

Apparently he bought it to a guy that is selling half of his 100 cars collection. This 2 litre engine car is mettalic grey with black leather interior although David is not sure this is the original color scheme.

Some more info to come...

G.J. Burggraaf - Nederlands - EX54GD01547

I knew this one for years, I cannot explain why it wasn't already in the website.

Thomas, one of my main informers sent me the details. Check http://home.kpn.nl/g.j.burggraaf/OLdtimers.htm

UPDATE: According to Jan Henk, this one was scrapped. After sandblasting it was simply too bad.

Germany - EX54GD01548

Another one for sale in Ebay Germany and Autoscout24.

Two litre engine, 6 Volt. Thomas found the VIN and sent.


Knut Sandvik - Norway - EX54GE01551


Knut bought his car in the USA. Great story

Knut had always been looking for an OSI as it had been his dream car for more than 25 years. His first car was a Taunus 20m 1967 model (in 1981), and since he saw an OSI in a Ford magazine, he always wanted one.

He searched the net for several years, but the cars either were too expensive, missing too many parts, a heap of rust (or both), and with little or no history or documents.

Then one night he found on Ebay a 1967 OSI in the USA. He placed a bid, but the car was withdrawn as it did not reached the bidding reserve. He then emailed the seller, Thomas Ryon from Washington, Oregon, and asked him if it was possible to deal directly. When he heard how serious Knut was about the car, he accepted to deal, so Knut packed his bag and jumped on a plane to Seattle. When Knut arrived at Thomas estate, they got the deal closed and became good friends on the way. Thomas said he only wanted to sell the car to an OSI enthusiast, as the car has belonged to his father, who bought it in Europe doing his service time in the US Army, and he had many fond memories of the car as a child. This means Knut is only the second owner of the car…

The car is more or less complete, and in surprisingly good shape, with little rust damage, and comes with some extra spare parts . Knut is now restoring it and will keep us all informed.

Matthias Marstaller - Germany - EX54GD01555


This one has a 2,9 litre Ford engine with a 5 speed manual gearbox and looks really good.

Matthias saw a picture of one OSI - then absolutely unknown to him - some 17 year ago in a magazine and went there to take a look. Some weeks later he decided to buy it and he spent about 7 years working on the car which included sandblasting the whole chassis. The 2,9 litre engine was from a Ford Scorpio (fitted originally to the old 4 speed manual gearbox). The bonnet has been modified to allow additional air supply, an oil cooler has been integrated, it has an handmade stainless steel exhaust system to fit engine and gearbox and a lot more. The backlights are not original but from an Opel GT, the front seats are said to be from a Jaguar XJ, the wire rims are 6,5x15, tires 205/70R15 V or W... For the last 10 years the car has this great look.

Germany - EX54GD01557

Sent by Andreas.
To be done.

Germany - EX54GE01588

Another one currently on ebay.

Almost everybody sent me this one. Thank you Thomas and Jörg.

Check http://www.ebay.de/itm/191546390860

Norway - EX54GD01595

Geir Andersen, from Norway sent me info about this car as well as some other OSIs in Norway.

This one was registered in Norway in 1997. It has the 2,3 litre engine although Geir is not sure if it is original.

Norbert Röhr - Germany - EX54GE01608

Norbert was trying to sell his OSI on mobile.de

Helmut - Germany - EX54GE01629

Helmut is the proud owner of this beautiful two litre, 6V "dunkelgelb" OSI.

He bought this car to the first owner a couple of weeks ago. The car is supposedly only 45.000 Km.

Welcome to the family Helmut, thank you very much for your kind words.

Egbert - Germany - EX54GE01641


This 2 litre engine car was dismantled. Originally was white

If you are a sensitive person, I advise you not to see the last picture.

To be done soon...

Herbert Billen - Belgium - EX54GD01698


To be done soon...

Herbert Billen - Belgium - EX54GE01720

Originally dark yellow and a 2 litre engine, this one will be tuned up.
Quoting Herbert, "In this car we will probably fit an 2,6 Taunus engine and we are going to paint it in original white or metallic grey. Laying in my basement I have a new Bordeaux red interior for it. It's going to be the ultimate OSI".

UK - EX54GE01750

This one was offered on eBay in August 2006 and September 2007.

The Netherlands - EX54GD01842

Offered in Ebay in November 2004

Austria - EX54GE01867

Another 2 litre engine. Once again, Oliver found it and sent me the link.

I think it is for sale but I must check out first.

To be done...