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I'm having some feedback from around the world and some of you are sending me pictures of your cars. If you have a 20m TS and want me to include it in here, send me a good picture (or more) and your VIN. It is interesting to know also the size of the engine and the original color and trim.

The cars are ordered in VIN sequence and there are more cars to list but I only list them when I have the VIN and pictures. Keep visiting for news.


Egbert - Germany - EX540999

The convertible is a one off, introduced in the 1967 Turin Show. It is a 200mm shortened chassis version of the OSI coupé.

After the Turin Show, it was sold to Germany. Egbert thinks it was built in summer 67 on a P5 based OSI for the Turin Show and "upgraded" with 12V technique over the winter before it was shipped to Germany. Egbert is restoring the car since December 2004 and keeps a record on his website with pictures of the Turin Show, a great collection of press pictures, pictures of the restoration and also some pictures from before 1978 when the car was daily used. This is a truly special car and Egbert is looking for as much information as possible about it. Check my links section to enter his webpage.

Ingo Rosch - Germany - EX54FM01029

Ingo is selling this early production OSI on eBay Germany.

The VIN characters "FM" suggest it was produced in July 1966. The car don't run since the early nineties and has many changes (engine, front seats, wheels, muffler) and improvements (power steering, air conditioning...).

Germany - EX54FR01033


To be done soon...

Germany - EX54FB01038

This car was sold on Ebay in August 2004. It was from Hamburg.

I don't have much information about it. But I will find.

Travis Escalante - USA - EX54FB01048

This one was on Ebay USA and was sold for 3300 USD after 16 bids (Feb. 23, 2013).

Nicolas Rooryck - Belgium - EX54FR01053


Nicolas bought his car to the first owner in Germany. It is an early production car with 6 Volt electrics. Originally a 2.0 litre, it has a 2.6 litre engine since some 20 years. It was first registered in June 5, 1967.

This car was on German Ebay some time ago and fetched 18.050 € after 49 bids. The reserve price was not met. The car is in very good condition.

Germany - EX54FR01059

On sale on German Ebay along with EX54FG01201

Germany - EX54FG01084


This OSI has a very rare original sliding roof.

To be done soon...

Wolfgang Buchheit - Germany - EX54FB01110

Another early OSI from Germany. Wolfgang bought this car in August 2012 while it was under restoration.
Originally a 2.0 litre, 90 HP, it has now a 2,6 litre engine from a 26M as well as the brake system and suspension.

Germany - EX54FA01126

Another OSI on German eBay. This was sent by Oliver.

The car looks complete.

Check while it's active.

Switzerland? - EX54FB01139

Almost no info

Jörg Valentin - Switzerland - EX54FA01156

Jörg just bought the EX54FA01156. The car is not perfect, but is a good restoring base.

He has the original parts also (steering wheel, seats, etc.) and he will start with a soft intervention so he can drive it right away. Later he will do a full restore.

Update: check Jörg's restoring story:

Rodger McConnaughey - USA - EX54FG01157

Rodger bought this car in Germany in 1981 and shipped it to USA in December 1982. He drove it for a few years and put it to storage. Rodger also has the EX54FA01199.

The car took about 9 years to restore but is back on the road. It has a 1967 Mustang GT front and rear suspension and a powerful 5,0 litre V8 Ford engine. The hood scoop is from a 1967 Ford Torino GT and was used in order to accomodate the big carburetor. "If Ford would have put a V8 in these cars to begin with they would have rivaled anything being produced in 1967" says Rodger and most of us thinks this way. I will have more info on his cars soon, keep visiting...

Andreas Horenkamp - Germany - EX54FG01159

This OSI was first registered in Germany on 09. July 1967, originally delivered with a 2.0 litre but since more than 30 years equipped with a 2.3 litre engine.

It has got 6 V electrics and single circuit brakes. Andreas family bought the car in 1981 and it served as part of their collection of classic Fords in their showroom (they were a Ford dealer from 1950 to 2007). The colour is white with the original red leather interior and the original radio. This OSI is in a rather good shape but will sometime need a complete restoration. After many years in the showroom, they brought it back to live in 2006, still having problems with dirt in the fuel system. All parts of the steering, suspension and brakes are new in order to have a safe ride.

Germany - EX54FB01173

Thomas Pinkert sent me the link for this car. Thomas is one of the few OSI owners with three units.

The car was sold for 2900 EUR. Apparently it was a complete decent project.

Rodger McConnaughey - USA - EX54FA01199

This OSI was offered on Ebay USA in July 2005. In may 2010, Rodger posted on my guestbook some info and said he bought it to a gentlemen in Florida who go it from California.

I'm placing it here because Thomas Pinkert found pictures of this car in his incredible OSI archives.

Thomas Pinkert - Germany - EX54FA01201

Thomas second OSI, bought on ebay like his third.

Originally silver and 2,0 litre engine.

Fabrizio Codeluppi - Italy - EX54FA01212

Fabrizio bought his car in 2007. It is a 6 Volt, 2,0 litre engine with red interiors. The car was originally white but Fabrizio wants to keep it red.

The car was originally sold in Germany and went to Italy in 1990.

To be done later...

Germany - EX54GJ01226

These are the leftovers of GJ01226.

Germany - EX54FG01238

Another Thomas Pinkert find.

A lot of work to do. But there is always a lot of work to do.