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OSI 20m TS 50 year celebration

The OSI-IG club from Germany is going to celebrate the 50 years of the 20m TS model in August 27/28 in the Georghausen Palace, near Cologne where it was first presented in January 10, 1967.

Apparently, the French club already confirmed the presence. I will be there for sure.
I'll give you more details very soon. You can check the OSI-IG site here.

Oliver and I have been talking about the Georghausen Palace press conference for a while. Giacomo Bianco attended the show and maybe because of him, there were dogs and horses in the event. In an earlier interview to Ward's Quarterly he said he preferred horses and dogs over cars. Beautiful mannequins wearing the latest models of the International Wool Secretariat turned it into a  very glamorous event. We know that they took 7 OSIs 20m TS to the show. From all the pictures we could find, the following licence plates were there: K-04789, K-04741, K-JP 499 (red), K-04234, K-04324 and K-04626 (this last one is not clear). Later press articles had K-JP 917 (a metallic dark blue), K-JP 922, K- M 20 and K-RM 910 (dark yellow) but this last one already has the production series headlights' rings. It would be fantastic to find out if any of the cars on the press conference are still around...

Best of France and Italy - Woodley Park

Travis took his two OSIs to their first show, "The Best of France and Italy" last November 2nd, in Van Nuys, California.

He had a high profile visitor checking his cars: Jay Leno.

Concours d'Elegance Winner

Karim's EX54GU02131 won the Concours d'Elegance of the Circuit des Remparts in Angoulême in September 19, 2014

The competition was very strong - from Alpines to Facel-Vegas, Jaguars and Austin-Healeys. It was a really elegant show. Karim won the post war class - impressive. The jury's President was Bernard Olivier from Renault Alpine Sport - Caterham. We're proud of you Karim.

OSI-IG Meeting 2012 - September 9, Klassikstadt, Frankfurt


Egbert took his convertible for the first time...

OSI-IG Meeting 2011 - October 9, Klassicstadt, Frankfurt


Last Sunday (October 9) I was in Frankfurt and met again some of the OSI friends from 2006. Unfortunately I drove 600 Km to be there and could't be there much time because I had to drive back another 600 Km to Geneva. Here are some pictures...

To be done...

Sergio Sartorelli - May 7, 1928 - November 28, 2009

Ing. Sartorelli died on last November 28. I am so deeply sad that I didn't yet find courage to write anything about it. Last letter he wrote me was 17 pages of precious information and his fine handwriting and text shows that at 81 his mind was as clear as if he was half that age...

Unfortunately I couldn't be on his funeral. My sincere condolences to his family. At least I had the chance to tell him how I admire his work and career. I will never forget Mr. Sartorelli and his kindness. My website was already dedicated to him and now more than ever I feel obligated to improve my work in order to honor this fine gentleman.

I will tell you more soon.

OSI friends met near Paris, September 20, 2009


Philippe, Antoine and Paul were supposed to be meeting with their OSIs in a large classic car show near Paris.

Paul was on his way but had to turn back because of a sudden noise in front of the car. He managed to reach home. We hope it is not a very important mechanical trouble. Antoine has stopped with the car next to the exhibition because of mechanicals problems on the engine. Philippe picked him up and they went to the exhibition. About 200 or 300 cars were parked, a great moment. At the end of the afternoon, they towed Antoine's OSI to Philippe's house. At least they had the chance to send us these great pictures. Seeing one OSI is good, seeing two OSIs together is even better. We hope next time the friends from France can have a lot more cars together.

I am a bit jealous of Philippe: he had four OSIs at his home for some time...

OSI meeting 2006


I was lucky to be in Nuremberg in November 2006. In this great day I met Oliver, Stephen, Egbert, Andreas and other great OSI fans as well as 11 Ford OSI 20m TS and one OSI Fiat. Check out some pictures of this glorious day. If someone wants to have them in high resolution (3888x2592, about 4 Mb each), please let me know. I want to thank Oliver Franz for being the perfect host and everyone else who shared information and stories.