Parts Shops
When I bought my OSI, more than 10 years ago, there were almost no reproductions of parts that are exclusive to OSI. Fortunately, the interest for this car is growing and there are now several individuals and companies fabricating parts.
I will try to list them all here and if you know some not listed, please let me know.

Motomobil - Formerly Old Cars and Parts


I know this guys for more than 15 years. They are the best when you need Ford parts.

I bought them parts to my Knudsen, my P2 and my OSI. They have a comprehensive online catalogue extremely well organised. Brilliant.

Jörg Valentin - Switzerland

Jörg from Switzerland (owner of EX54FA01156) is making some reproductions. Check the numbers on the pictures:

1 - Panel side (Ford part number 0754 032 and 0754 033)
2 - Reinforcement (Ford part number 0754 378)
3 -
4 - Panel body rocker (Ford part numbers 0754 048 and 0754 049)
5 - Pan assy (floor, rear - Ford part number 0754 016)
6 - Panel back (Ford part number 0754 690)
7 - Panel rear, stop and turn indicator lamp seating (Ford part numbers 0754 044 and 0754 045)

Contact Jörg for more information,

Harrington Group


Group Harrington is a British owned and managed company with headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.

During the battle to reconstruct his own OSI, Nathan (owner of EX54FG013xx) had to make many parts himself. He decided to sell also those parts, which include:

- Front and rear bumpers
- Front Grill
- Sill kick plates
- Headlights housing
- Rear light housing
- Windshield and rear window weatherstrip


Pirelli Cinturato Tyres - Longstone Tyres

Last week my Pirelli Cinturato arrived from United Kingdom. Finally my car will be on wheels after so long. Check My OSI section.

I bought them on Longstone Classic Tyres from UK and the guys were so helpful that I must share everything with you. They've got this great site packed with information and facts that all the classic car lovers must see.