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There are a lot of interesting facts about the OSI parts. In fact, a lot of it were being used in other cars. Most of the mechanical parts are from the Ford Taunus 20m TS but there were several other donors. For instance, the ashtray is the same as the 1966 Maserati Ghibli. The horn button is the one from the Fiat 500 and 600. The front indicators were used in the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Below is a compilation of facts that I found. If you know something else like this, please let me know. I am pretty sure that the back indicators came from some italian beauty.

The OSI-IG sometimes promotes the reproduction of panels or rubbers, as long as they have enough people. Check their site.

As you know, Officine Stampaggi Industriali was in Turin, the Italian motor city where Fiat and Lancia are based. A lot of car related industries were, of course, nearby, like OLSA and Carello. By that time, OSI just looked for easily available stuff in the neighborhood. The good thing is this makes easier for us to find spares.


Veglia Borletti x Jaeger instruments

Some of you know that a handfull of OSI 20m TS were equipped with instruments by Jaeger instead of the Veglia Borletti.

At least three cars from the Registry, EX54HB02734, EX54HA02932 and EX54HR02976 have Jaeger units. Two of those cars were originally sold to Switzerland. I ask all readers to check if they have Jaeger instruments and to let me know. Maybe we can find out some reasons for that or if somebody knows the reason please let us know. Thanks to Nick Conrad for the pictures of his car instruments and all his help.

Borrani Wheels and hub adapters.


During the 1966 Geneva Show where OSI 20m TS debuted, beside the regular Fergat wheels the car was also shown with this beautiful Borrani wire wheels. I inquired Borrani Wheels from Milano, because I read somewhere they have a incredible archive of their work. Matteo Bosisio from Historical Production confirmed it by giving me all the details bellow:





Now that my car is about to be on the road I need to start thinking about wheels and tyres. Although I really love the standard Fergat wheels I think the wire wheels look terrific on this car. I also found the Pirelli Cinturato that equipped the OSI.












The wheels reference number is RW 4016 5.50x15

 42/52 hub type c transformation for Osi B1 on Taunus chassis.

Borrani can provide a kit consisting in :

-       hub adapters type 42/52 with centre-lock (2 LH 2 RH)

-       4 spinners type 42 3 eared 12TPI with Borrani logo

-       4 or 5 wheels 5.50 x15 on 72 spokes with polished light alloy rims

-       Hardware if necessary

-       Drawings and instructions

-       Copper rawhide hammer and wheel care kit.


Price for is 5700 € for the 4 wheels kit or 6600 € for the 5 wheels. Delivery time 6-7 weeks.


For the tyres check

Central console ashtray

Same as: Maserati Ghibli

Look familiar? You can see by the switches that my OSI is a Taunus P7a based, not a P5. Click in the icon bellow the image to see it. In fact you will also notice in the Ghibli picture the similarities of the steering wheel and the side mirror. Are they the same? I know that the EFFPI steering wheels equipped some Maserati, Iso and even some Mustangs. Next time I am next to one of these I am going to check it. I also discovered that the same ashtray was used in the one off 1968 Ghia Centurion, based on a american Checker chassis comissioned by Alejandro de Tomaso during his Ghia owning time. You can read this amazing story here.

Ford partnumber 0754212

Front indicators

Same as: Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 ti

Olsa, Altissimo and Hella produced this indicators. Originally, my car had Olsa units fitted. The picture shows a Alfa Romeo Giulia. Some countries demanded orange and white blinkers.


Same as: Alfa Romeo Giulia

Made by Carello. There are some aftermarket repros, but you still can find original units.

The Carello refs. are 07.235.700 the inside and 07.230.700 the outside.

Horn Button and side indicators

Same as: Fiat 500/600

You can't imagine my surprise when I found this fact in an Italian magazine some years ago. The brown units of the horn button (from Sipea) are not as easy to found as the black ones . The side indicators of my car are Olsa like the front indicators and the back indicators. Some countries specifications don't demand side indicators. Ever noticed the OSI prototype side indicators? Yes, they are also from an Alfa.

The Ford partnumber of the button is 0754261.

Left/right side mirror

Alfa Romeo, what else?

But there is a drawback. It is kind of easy to find a mirror with the Alfa Romeo logo, not that easy to find one without it.

Ford partnumber 0754236

Roof lights


Same as: Ferrari 348, F355 and 288 GTO. Also Porsche 911 Targa.

Actually it was also used by the Ford Taunus 17/20m. The Ferrari part number is 61737400 and the Porsche is 90163210300 but I think is better to buy somewhere else beside Ferrari and Porsche parts shops. It is made by Hella. Norbert, (the owner of the EX54GE01608) works for the company Hella and gave more info about this part used by several other brands: MAN - part number 81.25201.6043, OPEL - part number 12 30 726 or V29605810 and Volkswagen - part number 815 947 105.


Boot opener

Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

Thanks to Jan Van Lagen to remind me this detail. Once again a part from an Alfa Romeo. Wherever it is from, it is a great detail in a car that is more than 40 years old.

Ford partnumber 0754226