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If you have a OSI 20m TS, even if it is not running,  you can send me photos and info and I will place it in the appropriate section.

Also, if you find some information that you think it is not right, please let me know. I allways use credible information from magazines and books but sometimes mistakes can occur. In my former website I wrote "At that time no one could know if the car was going to be produced." Well, now I am not sure about that. Apparently, when Ford Koln presented the OSI 20m TS in Geneva they already had comissioned OSI to produce it. I am now translating and organizing texts from more than one hundred magazines and books and I am sure that I can do a good job. Actually, there are a lot of wrong "facts" about the OSI in many websites like "...Sergio Sartorelli, a former Ferrari engenieer...", or "[OSI 20m TS] was designed by Michelotti" or even "made from a stripped Capri". The number of cars produced is also an issue that just don't fit. At least two well known car encyclopedias present the number 3400 and 3500. Well, in the 2006 OSI meeting in Nuremberg, the "Anoraks" told me that the bigger chassis number found was 03143 (it started in 01000) so I think that 2200 is the most credible number. In the next weeks (or months), as long as I am rebuilding the site, I will write footnotes stating the source of information.

One more thing, the story about the upside down emblem of my car features on dozens of car forums in the internet. It is hilarious to check how many different versions there are. Maybe I can find the time to put them here.