My passion for ancient cars began long ago but my preference for Ford Taunus started when I first had the chance of buying and restoring a car. It was a 1959 Ford Taunus 17m P2 coupe. Unfortunately, I never restored the car but in that period I met some Ford Taunus owners and fans and the love for the German Fords grew up. I then bought and rebuilt a 1971 Ford Taunus 1600 GXL coupe which I sold some time after buying the OSI.


Above is the responsible for my devotion and bellow is the car I loved most. It had to go after I bought the OSI. But it is now  in very good hands and in it's original white color.


GHIA - Ford's Carrozzeria - David Burgess-Wise, 1985 - Osprey

Carrozzeria Italiana - Cultura e Progetto - 1978 - Electa